Learn to Cook with Chef Phillipe Sobon

Learn to Cook with Chef Phillipe Sobon

Chef Phillipe Sobon

Chef Phillipe Sobon

Most people aren’t born with the innate ability to throw together a delicious dish. That’s where Chef Phillipe Sobon comes in. Having been featured on Masterchef Season 5 and the Food Network’s Cooks vs. Cons Season 2, Phillipe knows his way around the kitchen, and he’s here to help you learn to cook during his Dabble cooking classes.

He’s taught Dabblers how to make everything from boozy gelato to pizza and pierogis, but his specialty is pasta. We asked him a few questions to find out how he cut his teeth in the cooking world and to learn about his approach to teaching the art of cooking to those who can’t even boil water.

What sparked your passion for cooking?

My mom worked two jobs when I was a kid and I wanted to help her out by cooking dinner so that she won't have to! As it turns out, I fell in love experimenting with all of the different combinations of flavors that I incorporated into my dishes. I looked forward to seeing what I would create next and what Rachael Ray would say about my dish. 

What was your experience on Masterchef Season 5 like?

Amazing, but I would also never do it again! The behind-the-scenes looks a lot different than what is broadcasted on TV. There are at least seven rounds of auditions just to get on the show. Being on set is unreal, and I still talk with some of the cast members to this day, as we share our love of food and look back at our memories from the Masterchef experience. It definitely helped further motivate me to pursue my career in cooking, and I love it! 

What is your favorite thing to cook?

Any type of pasta dish! 

What is your favorite thing about teaching cooking classes?

I love to inspire others to learn how to cook and to be motivated to make the same dishes at home. I also want students to feel comfortable in the kitchen and not be afraid to make mistakes. Cooking is supposed to be about fun, bonding, and wanting a great meal together. 

Who has been your most memorable dinner guest?

It would have to be a split between Chef Scott Conant [of Top Chef and Chopped fame] and Top Chef Lorena Garcia [of Top Chef Masters fame]. 

Who is your dream person to cook for (living or dead)?

I would love to cook for my teen crush back in the day, Gwen Stefani! I'm sure her husband won't mind :)

What is the most extravagant meal you’ve ever cooked?

A seven-course meal for 30 guests that I prepared by myself. It included butter poached lobster, balsamic pearl salad, sous vide steak, smoked root vegetables, paleo pasta, lavender and honey panna cotta, and vegan espresso chocolate gelato.

What is one food you hate?


What is your go-to meal when you’re cooking for yourself?

My go-to meal would have to be a stir fry of all the veggies I have leftover in the fridge along with either chicken or shrimp. I would also need to put some hot sauce to add a little kick! 

What is one tip you’d give to newbie home cooks?

Just have fun cooking! Don't worry about following a recipe to the very last detail. Use it as a baseline and create your own recipe with what you already have in the fridge. Food waste is a big issue and I want everyone to realize that you can make a great meal with everything that is already in your pantry. Plus, this is how you learn and become a better cook! 

Learn more about Chef Phillipe and his Chicago cooking classes here.

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