Elevate Your Experience

Elevate Your Experience

Location. Location. Location. Anyone who says that location doesn't matter likely hasn't toured the Sistine Chapel in Rome, walked among the giant Redwoods of California, or been to a concert at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. While we're not likely to be hosting experiences at the Vatican—spending some energy finding a great space in your city has a ton of benefits

There is no getting around the fact that if you host workshops, classes, and events on Dabble (or anywhere!) that you are in the business of creating memorable experiences. Physical environments and thoughtfully-paired locations can deeply impact the quality and memory of an experience. Hosting a meditation experience in a noisy bar? Cooking class in a conference room? Hosting workshops in your home? We've all "made it work," but we all know better. 

 Chicago Performance Space via Peerspace

Chicago Performance Space via Peerspace

Having skills and passion doesn't go far without curious Dabblers to sign up for your experience. However, even if you have a great experience and tons of interest, you still need a physical space in the community. Your space truly is a core component of sharing skills in-person and selecting a quality space to gather can have a positive impact on the experience for your guests and their perception of you and your brand.

We're always working to improve your experience creating events in the community, and when we kept hearing about the "great spaces" on the new platform Peerspace—we had to check it out. We found their team to be excited about hosting Dabble events and they've been awesome to work with throughout the last few months. So, to help you find the best possible location for your first or next Dabble experience, we're excited to share that we've recently launched a partnership with Peerspace. Their incredibly intuitive, creative, and supportive platform will help you create memorable experiences for your events on Dabble. 

 Dabble has been bringing people together to get crafty since 2011

Dabble has been bringing people together to get crafty since 2011

Looking to elevate your next Dabble experience through thoughtful venue selection? We recommend considering the following to increase your success on Dabble when selecting a workshop venue location:

  • Make sure your venue is a good fit for your event

Just because you got a great deal on space doesn't mean it is the best fit for your event. Hosting a messy terrarium workshop? You shouldn't be worried about soil or plants staining the carpet. Your focus should be on delivering a great experience and any energy invested in trying to force your event to fit an ill-suited location is energy that you are not putting into creating the best experience possible for your guests.

  • Spaces that are easy on the eye drive greater reach and higher prices

The main goal of a great Dabble experience is to transfer your knowledge and skills to your students. However, when you do this in such a way that your students want to learn more, become customers for life, spread the word about your brand/events, and share their experience through their social networks it is like reaching everyone in your student's reach. However, the response to photos taken at your events promoting YOU and YOUR BRAND will be greatly impacted by the quality of the space, including the lighting and decor. 

  • Optimized listing photos increase sales & increase positive reviews

Just getting started on Dabble? Hire a photographer or grab a friend with some experience and consider booking that dream venue to capture your first experience and you in the absolute best light—literally. Great images drive interest on Dabble and command higher prices. Additionally, we've seen an increase in the number of positive reviews from customers for experiences listed from partners that have invested in better locations. Think about your own behavior. What makes you want to leave a review? You're much more likely to leave a positive review for a great meal you experienced in a great location than the same meal in a crappy venue.

  • Get out of your home and comfort zone

Have you been working out of a home studio or with a long-term venue partner for an extended period? Staying steady with workshop guests but feel your event has gotten a little stagnant? Keep your home base but explore your options and try listing in a new neighborhood to reach a larger audience. Be sure to explain to your long-term partner that you are just exploring options to grow your business. If they truly support you, they'll be excited for the opportunity and have your back!

  • Share your space with Dabble (and beyond!)

Know of a unique venue or own one yourself? Peerspace is also an amazing place to share your unique spaces with the community. They make it super easy for anyone to earn money by renting spaces for meetings, events, and, of course, classes and workshops like those on Dabble. Over 5,000 people and businesses are sharing their space on Peerspace already, and top hosts make $7,600 per month. If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to explore their site and be sure to let them know you learned about them from us.

  • No Dabble fees for your first event with Peerspace

We understand that every dollar matters when you're teaching an event, and investing in a beautiful space can increase your costs. To help you get started in some new digs, we'll waive the Dabble fees for your first event at a Peerspace space. Just book your event here. After your first event, we encourage you to raise the minimum and bump up the price. That may seem scary, but in our experience, events at unique, Instagram-worthy spaces sell more tickets.

We want you to succeed wildly on Dabble and our 7+ years of experience hosting over 12,000 events greatly reinforces the lessons above. Invest in great spaces for connecting passionate learners with your events (especially early on!) and you will highly increase the chance of your experience taking off on Dabble and beyond. If you need any support or have any questions, we're always here to help and Peerspace would love to hear from you as well.

Good luck and happy listing!

The Dabble Team

Send questions anytime to: host@dabble.co

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