Dabble's Hottest Fitness Class. Ever.

Dabble's Hottest Fitness Class. Ever.

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Ladies Who Lift

Since Dabble launched in Chicago in 2011, our top experiences have been dominated mostly by a wide variety of arts and DIY events. While we welcome all kinds of listings, experiences, where you create or make like calligraphy, woodworking, glass blowing and cooking, have always floated to the top. So when submissions come in that drift away from this focus we don't always know what to expect. It really depends on the experience and the host and we're always pleasantly surprised when our assumptions are wrong.

Finally a group of great ladies who just want to get down to it and lift! Rae keeps it real, with no frills and challenging sets. She has done more than set up some workouts, she’s started a little community of like-minded ladies who are ready to be there best! Ladies Who Lift is a must if you want a positive environment to lift some heavy sh*t!
— Kelly Madeline D.

Last year, it was the Chicago Corruption Walking Tour that sold out almost every date last year and continued its popularity into 2017. We've had walking tours that have always done okay but we literally couldn't add new dates fast enough to match the demand. It really helped that Paul Dailing had some media chops and got the word out effectively and the experience was well-timed with some political cases and Chicago's infamous history.

The Ladies Who Lift Level 1 class is the perfect way to learn to lift if you have never done so before. If you have lifted or taken her class before it is a great way to work on your personal goals and make new friends! Rae has created this strong and positive atmosphere for all of these ladies.
— Bianca B.

This year, our surprise Rookie of the Year is definitely, the Ladies Who Lift (LWL) series hosted and taught by Rae Reichlin. Fitness classes have lots of outlets and we're excited to honor Rae and Ladies Who Lift with the honor of Dabble's Hottest Fitness Experience. Ever. To date, 461 women have taken or are signed up to take one of the LWL classes and they can't seem to get enough with every single date completely sold out on Dabble. The 93 positive reviews speak for themselves and have resulted in nearly $10K in ticket sales.

LWL is an all-female strength training workshop and class aimed to educate, empower, and inspire women of all shapes, sizes, fitness, and lifting backgrounds. Historically, fitness classes just haven't taken off on our platform but the moment the first date sold out in February 2017, we knew Rae had something unique. 

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Offered at two different levels, Ladies Who Lift provides the opportunity to both learn the basics and then perfect these skills all while guaranteeing a badass workout using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, prowlers, and more.

According to their website, weightlifting is undisputed that the best way to lose weight, build lean muscle, and boost your metabolism. Unfortunately, most women shy away from lifting weights due to the (untrue!) belief that it will make them "too bulk," or for fear of executing these movements wrong and injuring themselves. Their Ladies Who Lift Level 1 debunks even the scariest of myths or fears one might have about weight lifting.

The class includes a lifting workshop where the group breaks down essential movements, followed by a calorie-blasting workout filled with squats, deadlifts, bench presses, kettlebell swings, and more. The class seeks to leave attendees not only with a better knowledge of strength training and the self-confidence to weight lift but also to build a new community of strong, inspired women like yourself.

Once students have learned the basics, Ladies Who Lift Level 2 is for past Ladies Who Lift attendees or more advanced students, who wish to put their lifting skills and techniques to use in a 1-hour long strength training class.

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We're grateful for the amazing community of women and it sounds like Rae has some exciting things planned to further grow the LWL community in 2018. She shared a few words about her experience working with Dabble and we're excited to continue to grow together:

"Using Dabble has been nothing short of a great experience. They have been instrumental in bringing more people to my classes that I would not have been able to reach otherwise. Dabble has also been great in responding to my needs and concerns quickly and efficiently, as well as being willing to grow with me as my business and demands grow. I would recommend Dabble to any teacher who wants to extend their reach with the help of a very easy and approachable platform."

- Rae Reichlin

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About the Founder

Rae Reichlin created Ladies who Lift after watching many of her female clients have the physical and mental breakthroughs they never thought possible through learning to lift properly and with confidence.

Having experienced it herself, Rae understood the fear, apprehension, and misinformation, that can sometimes come along with lifting and getting stronger. She wanted to create a space and environment where women felt comfortable to come together to learn and perfect this method of training.

Ladies who Lift seeks to promote empowerment through pushing one's own boundaries, and being there for others who are trying to do the same. By educating women about each of their bodies needs and impressive capabilities Ladies Who Lift aims to leave attendees ready to lead happy, healthy, connected lives. Follow: 

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