5 DIYs to Help You Spring Into Creativity

5 DIYs to Help You Spring Into Creativity

Spring has finally sprung, and we’re so excited to leave the snowsuits behind! It’s the perfect time to get out and try a new creative project. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve curated a list of 5 Dabble DIY workshops in Chicago. At each experience, you’ll learn a new skill, meet like-minded crafty folks (perhaps even someone special!), and go home with your own creation to spruce up your home.

  1. Make a Custom Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener with Swoon Living

    Learn to create your own wall-mounted bottle opener from reclaimed local barn wood. For an extra personalized touch, you can laser-etch the wood with a design of your choice, such as the Chicago skyline, Chicago flag stars, Chicago neighborhoods, or a state outline.

2. Plant “Painting” Workshop with Leelee’s Garden

Tap into your creativity as you make a living work of art using preserved moss, bark, live air plants, and other natural ingredients. Don’t worry—you don’t need to be an expert gardener to keep your piece alive, as Leelee chooses Black Thumb–proof specimens.

3. Crown Knot Macramé Planter with Becky Courtade

Join Becky of Macramé Club and learn a variety of macramé knots as you create your own on-trend macramé plant hanger.

4. Mosaic Tea Trays with Norma Rios Sierra

Make tea time more beautiful with your own wooden mosaic tea tray. Deck it out in a variety of stained glass and mosaic tiles, or for that extra-special touch, bring your own beads, broken pottery, or a photo to incorporate into your piece.

5. Soap-Making the Old-Fashioned Way with Sarah Boone

Learn to make soap the old-fashioned way, using olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and lye. Sarah provides herbs and scents that you can add to your soap to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Best of all, you’ll go home with your own loaf of soap—that’s eight to nine bars!

Not in Chicago? We’ve got your creative fix, too.

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